The brain is a wondrous vehicle. After a bleed the brain bypasses the damaged circuitry and finds new ways to communicate with the world.

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I love this poem in Michael Symmons Roberts’ Drysalter, which is filled with goodness.

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Hurry up issue 4

Hurry up issue 4—store.html

Stock up on issue 1, 2 and 3 and buy it for your friends, your friends of friends before issue 4 is released in July.
Get free ground shipping on any order of 5 or more books using promo code PENNY through 24 May.
Order 10 or more print books and save 20% through 22 May with code MBS15.

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I’m reading ‘Ten Poems about Tea’ from Candlestick Press. FullSizeRender
I got it from one of those free bookshops, which is a wonderful idea.
I love the poem by Thomas Hardy ‘At Tea’.

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Ira Lightman – SUITABLE CASE

The Stare's Nest


For want of a cuppa
      I wouldn'a had bus change
      from a £5 promissory portrait
of the monarch, right
      for its dates
      in the limited edition of
ink on cotton rag fibre and "colours which are difficult to balance on photocopiers" (Peter Symes); or need to pee at Birmingham New Street urgently; disembark, cheapskate with two cases on the X48 from Newman University interview. No taxi for me and time? No, O Maxx next to old entrance but to scout kerb encumberance, where fellow bussies had pointed. (They'd liked me in suit, justice scale of bagged books, siphoning the courier carriage cost to buy tickets from home to Llandrindod, booked 6 in advance of this call to B'rum one week ago.) I and the cases met accessibility politics, from North to Midlands to West until the station under refurbishment and its (indicated only by human index finger) entrance…

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The Screech Owl

The Screech Owl

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Painted Birds

Track the horizon in finger dabs,

the foot drags of soil shoed Neolithic pings

sonar nail scratches across the hull of space/time capsule

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